Joyful John

John Michael is such a blessing and was a sweet boy yesterday (most of the time- he is 4 after all and he has his moments). He sure seems happy. I hope so.

He got my weights and decided to be “strong.”

Did I mention he set off the emergency alarm at the high school the other day? I was putting some clarinets back into the inventory and all of a sudden the phone rings. (Someone on administration always calls when the emergency button is pushed in case someone needs help). So I rush in and he was just picking up the receiver like he was going to take the call. Hilarious.What a nut. So funny.

He does that at my grandfather’s house too. They have this button he can push if there’s an emergency and John Michael just presses it all the time when we are there too.

He likes to sit by the fire and get his back warm. Then he runs to me so I can “feel his back.” I tell him it is, “toasty warm!” And he smiles and laughs, “so toasty!!!”

You are a good little boy, John Michael. You make me happy! Hope you stay happy too. 🙂

One thought on “Joyful John

  1. I hope he stays happy, too! You did. John Fay was happy and funny as a child and he made you laugh all the time, but he got less happy. Maybe not unhappy, but definitely less so. He might be getting more happy now. I think. I was pretty happy as a young child, got pretty unhappy in my teens and a good chunk of my twenties, got happier as time went on and I pursued things I loved. And had kids. So John Fay was more like me that way. Not that you didn’t have unhappy times, but you still managed to be happy overall. A real strength. Maybe John will take after you.


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