Rainy morning, let’s go!

I did not want to leave my bed this morning. Remi was all cuddled up next to me and it was so very cozy. It’s gloomy and rainy. Didn’t feel much like persevering through the perpetual Groundhog Day feeling today. All the days run together. Alas, I did get up (albeit a bit later than I should have). Exercised and did the morning’s lessons. Here we are. Will record some lessons for middle school later on today and prep my mind for closing up 2 classrooms this week. Going to try to de-stress as much as possible.

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The weekend was lovely. Beautiful sun. Lots of being outside and organizing the house. Did some thinking and planning on some photography projects. FaceTimed with the family on both sides for a bit. Cooked really good foods- a low carb chicken/spinach panini! Also, pork nachos, a frittata, and salmon. The pork nachos were a stand-out. Out of this world. Will be doing that again.

img_6198The weather was gorgeous. Joe got quite of bit of work done outside!

Cleaned out some closets. MUCH better. Since we are here 24/7, it feels nice to have the pantry and linen closet cleaned up a bit. Made major progress on the basement. Will need to keep “cleaning” it since most of my work was putting things away and throwing things away we didn’t need anymore (or getting it ready to donate when that opens again). Still need to wipe everything down and actually clean the surfaces.


Found some gems in the basement. Remember these punching balloons? I think someone got bored in one of my classes by doing crayon impressions of the music stand. It’s kinda cool though! And Melissa and Rob’s wedding cross. Joe’s old book! Hah.”A Man. A Can. A Plan.” Wow.


Found some old band pictures too. WOW. You know that clarinet kid? I got me one of those style pictures too. haha. I feel you, clarinet boy.

Oh and we watched “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”. Was so good!

So today, John Michael is going on vacation. To school. šŸ™‚ (Just pretending)

Just one more cute photo of John Michael and Remi. šŸ™‚ Makes me smile.


Hope you all have a great week! Gotta get back to work!



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