Good morning friends. It’s been a week, am I right? I get the feeling many had some rough days. We did. Working on trying to make the weekends special and will do that as best we can. So, staying excited about Friday! Joe is stoked about the NFL draft. Felt nice to have some sort of sports talk again and to hear him talk sports on the phone. Been a long time! Will chat with some friends/family over the weekend too.

And for the other happy things.


The kids took a nap!

For a hot minute the kitchen is clean!

My freshman year of high school, my good friend Justin’s group did “All the Small Things” for their lip sync video for drama class. Just felt like this little gem.

The pork fiesta continued! This time with cabbage slaw. Mmmm

Bobbing his little head at dinner. 🙂


Workout complete. Lessons are complete for the week! Now to do some meetings and some odds and ends like grades. Will do some photography work this weekend. Maybe try to get my basement in order for my virtual conference next weekend so I don’t have to sit in a huge mess…maybe…

Have a good one y’all!


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