Pain and Growth

Good morning on this Friday. Yesterday was a hard day for the education world in Wisconsin, making schools officially closed for the year. We knew it would likely happen, as it has happened in many states. We support and understand. But, understanding doesn’t mean it comes lightly. It is rough for educators, students, their parents. Many missed milestones for seniors, eighth graders, kids going into middle school or a new school. No concerts, musicals, sporting events, dances, ceremonies, and other special events that happen this time of year. No closure that we normally have between teachers with our unique group of students. And like I said last night, we will come out of this stronger than ever on the other side of this. For now, it’s okay to be sad.

There are bigger pains in this world everyone knows. I’ve said that a lot on this blog in the past few weeks. We are infinitely lucky for our blessings. It’s still a loss no matter what, and we will have to process that as we forge ahead. It is okay to process the grief. I know this much: I work with the best team in the world and have the best colleagues in our surrounding districts. My students are the greatest. I have an incredible support network and family. They are astonishing, all of them. We will get through it.

I’m looking for lessons always, the meaning. If we choose to work for it, we can come out on the other side of this more empathetic. Firm in our priorities that matter. More genuine and present. Grateful to the extreme. Not taking for granted our family, extended family, and friends. Relishing joy. Countless other things. So that got me thinking- pain is a part of growth. That’s obviously not a new thought. It’s just a reminder now. You can’t be a better version of yourself if you don’t have pain. It really blows to go through pain, but pain is what makes the highs of life so wonderful. It will be hard to get through this season and try to connect with students when I cannot see their faces in real life. Hard for many other reasons. But I will persevere. It matters. I have to work hard and do all I can. We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond to it.

So, I cooked a nice dinner. (Also happened to have a pretty breakfast!) Had some wine. Helped get us set for another 2 weeks of food (thanks for getting it Joe), wiped everything down (with wipes I made myself!!!) and cleaned it all up. John got his new tiles to add on to the ones his Nana Lynn and Papa D gave him which was exciting.

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Oh- in case you wanna see how I made the wipes! John had some baby wipes that we didn’t need that I just happened to have. 1 1/2 cups of 70% proof rubbing alcohol, a tablespoon of coconut oil, and essential oil. Also happened to have the container from John’s baby days. I give credit to Jill Nystul on her blog: 

I got up this morning. I did the routine that I promised myself I would do. AND my muscles are coming back! I know that sounds dumb to be excited about that, but it was hard work. And pain. Paid off. Feels good and feels strong.

John running around. Love his joy.

My plants are growing. A reminder that we press on.




2 thoughts on “Pain and Growth

  1. Put your “tall” plants toward the back of the aerogarden, short ones in front, medium in front or sides. Or back if you don’t have many tall ones. They are coming along!


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