Thursday Thoughts


Thursday! Here’s Mr. Fix-it. Papa D, check that out!

Day 26 of the exercise routine! 🙂 Got me some vitamins too and some bone broth is on the way. Excited about those things. Lost a few inches and pounds I think. Remi is all cute in the bed. Tostadas were amazing last night. Don’t cry over cut onions haha. That was a strong one.

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Meetings with the kids and staff yesterday- that was really nice to see and hear them. 🙂 Uplifting.

John and I found some Thomas the Train stuff online and printed out some coloring pages for him. He was fascinated that we could pick out the PDFs online and then watch them print.

He also made this bridge out of pillows. He calls it a bridge. 🙂 Dad got a new back massager for his birthday this weekend and he apparently had to try that out last night too.

Got some work to do- hope you have a great day!

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