Monday, Monday

Can’t trust that day. 🙂 Trying to stay focused and productive. Quite cold and windy. I stayed to the routine but it was difficult this morning. In positive news, we had a wonderful Easter/Birthday weekend. More than anything, I am thankful we are still healthy and were able to celebrate as best we could.

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Last night’s stroganoff was most excellent and we will have left-overs today! John got a haul from the Easter Bunny and Joe got to watch his birthday request of Star Wars. Aunt Jody- John’s heart turned out pretty good!

Today I am reviewing my habits and seeing what I can do to tweak them. Bit of thinking. Have to record a video for my students (the first part is done, just need to finish the second). A bit more correspondence and odds and ends to do.

In case you didn’t get to check out my sweet video, here ya go. Admittedly you can see my rabbit in this video (in Harvey, only Jimmy Stewart sees the rabbit), but only I can see him dance! I highly recommend that movie by the way if you like old movies. In fact, I think I will watch it again this quarantine. It’s perfect.

Well, I need to get back to work. Hope you have a good week!

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