The days are long but the years are short

So true. My son is 3.416 years old and super trying at times. He’s very independent and challenges just about everything. So he’s a typical 3 year old. Nothing wrong there. But it does get a person worn out. And then I think about that little smile and his monster energy. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.


This morning we got to cuddle a little- something my little human doesn’t like to do much. But he did and it was so nice. Laid his head against my chest and we rocked. And I know my days are so numbered with this. I did nothing but enjoy it. And now just thinking about the time when I can no longer do this brings a tear to my eye. He’s never been a person to cuddle so I haven’t had much time to miss it per say. But when it does happen, gosh you drop what you are doing.

The trying moments? Jumping off of EVERYTHING. Something we are trying to work on to get him to stop. I don’t like to curb his courage but yikes. I also don’t like to end up in the emergency room or have him majorly injure himself.

Having to do everything himself. Which is fine. But the fit that precedes the activity is not as fun.

The back-talk. “No John (xyz reason)”. “NO! I DO!” or “NO! There is more!” you know how that goes.

But then the wonderful moments? all his cute language. His zest for running (he LOVES to run). His curiosity is through the roof. He loves to explore and learn. He loves trains especially but also excabators (excavators), cars, trucks, bozers (bulldozers), and ambulances. He loves to tell you stories. He just went up to the “blue lake” and swam and threw rocks into the water all day. And threw the ball to Remi where it “spwashed” (splashed) into the water! A BIG SPWASH!” And then? She brought it back!!!. So animated. He sings along to his favorite songs which is adorable. He loves being asked questions. I’ll try to make a post more often about him because there are so many good moments. He is so sweet.

So this morning as we were cuddling I was just so grateful. Love that kid.

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