Recent Reno Updates

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My parents, John, and Josh came down to help run a gas line for my new (to me) gas stove. It’s a thing of beauty! We are so excited to cook with gas. My parents have had one for years of course, but in every apartment or place I’ve lived, we’ve always had an electric stove. Because Joe and I love to cook, we are most excited about the stove top. I have already used it a bit and it’s been just fantastic. SO much more control over what happens with the heat. So that’s pretty cool.

My dad also put in some new lights we got from a family friend named Geoff. The lights used to hang in his office, but he redid his office space, so we inherited a couple of really neat lights for the kitchen. Dad also hung our sun room TV and it’s now off the floor. So the house is looking very nice.

I’ll have more blog posts on the basement and kitchen renovations. There’s more to tell about the complete projects start to finish. Those have been our massive projects.

I also included a picture of one of my new favorite flowers. I got it at the girls’ senior tea- the agriculture teacher and her students grew them. They are called Moss Rose. I think they are so neat. I’ll do better (hopefully) getting the blooms bigger and stuff next year but plan to buy some more! 🙂 The flowers bloom during the day- they sometimes don’t seem to wait until dusk. All sorts of colors on the same plant- white, purple/pink, bright orange. Neatest plant!

Although- along the lines of weeding, I hate it. It has rained SO much this year- it’s gotten us all a little crabby. However, the plus side to that, is that the flowers have been gorgeous this year.

Husband J also fixed our leaking hood vent. A shingle or something must have blown away. There he is on the roof!

JM helped me with the shopping for our guests! He loves the grocery store.

Our rhubarb plant is out of control. I was excited to try it for the first time. I’ll have a post about that along with my strawberry rhubarb crumble that I made. So good!

Enjoy the pictures of our house- Summer 2017!

Now we just need to stain the deck and more painting…


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