On the Road Again…

Here we go! Monday, Monday.

Did a LOT of work yesterday prepping rosters, schedules, and inventory. All the things. The day flew by.

My reward was some wine and a very nice relaxing walk with Remi in the evening. It was a lovely night. Listened to some jams on my headphones and I was at peace.

This morning I getup schoolgo to get some photography done for a senior and then 7:30 call time for the meeting. Means I must be an hour north of here by 5:30, which means I leave at 4:30. I’ll let you guess what time I woke up this am. I had trouble sleeping anyway so I figured I’d workout. I was going to skip it to get some more rest. I will sleep good tonight I think.


Some thoughts as I gear up today.

I pick up the groceries on my way home after work and get the pork butt ready to roast while I’m gone tomorrow.


Ready to hit the road.


COFFEE folks. Happy Monday!