Well good morning!

It is a dreary Wednesday morning. I think we are supposed to get some snow later or something sloshy. I had a hard time getting it going this morning, but I did it. Pilates today!

Yesterday yet again changed things for us. We were already staying home but the official order came down and only essential business can run which changes things a bit for Joe’s job. As of right now things are fine but just might look a little differently. Keeping a good thought there. So it was just another day of change. I’m getting the idea we will be better as a family through this journey with learning to live a bit more in the moment. It’s something that is always said and we’ve always said but we really need to put it into practice now more than ever.

So yesterday John Michael woke up at 5:30, way earlier than need be and then didn’t take a nap. You can also see why it was a long day. But today I got the blessing of being able to wake up and do my exercise in peace and will soon be having a conference meeting digitally with music colleagues in the area. So that will be nice.

Also nice? The pork tenderloin dinner I made last night. It was great! The rosemary smelled so good.





John played with his beloved Magna-tiles again and made a “famous house”. And who says you can’t have spirt week when you are at home? Yesterday was school colors/crazy hair day. I don’t know about the crazy hair but here’s my school colors!


Hope you all have a great day! I am off to the “meeting”… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Shelter-in-Place

  1. Just back from walking the dog. Grey and raw outside but Spring is prKing through!
    I made carnitas yesterday (Mexican crispy pulled pork) and it was delish! The house smelled of thyme, bay, and yum all afternoon. We will be eating it for awhile – not a problem.
    After coffee I’m back to curriculum development and arranging EL songs for dulcimer and/or ukulele. Having trouble remote accessing stuff at school. Not sure if it is local WiFi or bad passwords – another puzzle to work out.
    Stay well my friend!

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